Should I use Shopify?

should i use shopify

If you are starting an eCommerce business or if you are considering a new platform, you are probably considering “should I use Shopify?”.  Shopify has been one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms over the past five years.  Just take a look at Google Trends to see how it has been trending compared so other popular eCommerce platforms.

shopify google trends

So why is Shopify so popular?

Shopify is a SAAS (software as a service) based eCommerce platform that is easy to use and it is relatively inexpensive to run.   Should I use Shopify?  To answer that question, we need to dive into a little more detail about Shopify.  Like all eCommerce platforms, Shopify has its pros and cons.  As a turn key solution for small retail sellers, Shopify is great for sellers that want to get their products online quickly and without requiring advanced web development skills.  If you are a typical retailer that sells simple products (e.g. Apparel, Consumer Goods, Food, Mugs, etc.) then you should probably use Shopify.  Another key strength for Shopify is offering a free credit card reader that enables retailers to us Shopify as a simple POS (point of sale) system on their tablet.

Shopify Limitations

Where Shopify runs into limitations is when you are selling complex products (e.g. customization, Bundles, and advanced configuration products) or if you are trying to sell B2B and require customer specific pricing.  Shopify also has limitations when it comes to advanced customization or complex integrations.  As a general rule, if you are a manufacturer selling component parts or you sell a fairly complex product, Shopify is probably not a great fit.

Still wondering, “Should I use Shopify?”

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