ONWARD 2018 Taco Bell Brand Award

ONWARD award

It was an honor accepting the Brand of the Year award at ONWARD 2018 on behalf of Taco Bell.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with YEXT to optimize Taco Bell’s local search results.  I’ve been able to work on SEO for the past 10 years and local SEO has been a strong focus for the last 5+ years.  With the switch from PC to mobile, local SEO is only going to become more and more relevant.  It’s been amazing being able to optimize local search for Taco Bell, a band with thousands of locations.

ONWARD 2018 Taco Bell Brand Award

So what is the ONWARD 2018 Brand Award?

“The Brand of the Year is delivering consistent and accurate digital knowledge across discovery channels and AI-powered search and services. This brand provides a superior customer experience by being everywhere its customers are.

Winner: Taco Bell has achieved incredible success increasing its visibility in organic AI-powered search and is leveraging its performance metrics to gain deeper insight into its customers’ behavior and experience.

For more details check out the official YEXT announcement for all their winners.

Derrick Chan

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