COVID-19 Has Forced Many Business To Ask, How Do I Start Selling Online?

COVID-19 has radically changed life as we know it, especially for business owners. As the whole world is experiencing some form of lock-down (social distancing), businesses around the world are forced to adapt to the new norm or shut down. This has naturally led to many business asking themselves, how do i start selling online? How do I create a digital presence for my brick and mortar business?

With Social Distancing in place, businesses that want to survive have to quickly change their business model. For many business, this means getting online and selling direct to consumers through an eCommerce website and other online sales channels.

Example of a business adapting to COVID-19

A great example of a company adapting to this new situation is The Mad Potter in Houston, TX. I recently had the opportunity to work with The Mad Potter to help them transforming their retail pottery painting business to also support To-Go orders and paint-at-home parties.

Hopefully things will go back to normal soon, but even after mandatory quarantine is lifted, will we ever go back to the way things were? No one really knows, but regardless The Mad Potter now has a new channel of business.

Another example of a business asking themselves, how do I start selling online?

Years ago I had the privilege of working with a company called AllTrade Tools, in Long Beach, CA. They were a B2B tool company that sold their products to big retailers such as Costco, Walmart, Pep Boys, Oriley’s, etc. However, their CEO realized that the big box retailers were forcing tighter margins which were starting to hurt their profitability. So they reached out to me and asked me to help them to build a Direct To Consumer (DTC) eCommerce business that wouldn’t negatively impact their core B2B relationships. This resulted in us creating a new Brand called Toolsmith Direct.

This allowed AllTrade Tools to sell DTC on their own website as well as on marketplaces like Amazon, ebay, Sears and

Need help adapting your business to COVID-19?

If you are a business owner, how can you adapt your business to the new norms of Social Distancing? If you aren’t sure and would like help with eCommerce strategy, feel free to contact me. I’ve been in the eCommerce industry for over 12 years and have helped many business to achieve great online selling success.Just remember, customers are looking for the best deals online, there is a reason why they use a target promo code ever time they shop, you have to make sure to give them what they are looking for!

Derrick Chan