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COVID-19 Has Forced Many Business To Ask, How Do I Start Selling Online?

COVID-19 has radically changed life as we know it, especially for business owners. As the whole world is experiencing some form of lock-down (social distancing), businesses around the world are forced to adapt to the new norm or shut down. This has naturally led to many business asking themselves, how do i start selling online?…
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Applying AI Technology To Taco Bell

At Taco Bell, we continuously strive to provide a best in class user experience, whether ordering in the Drive-Thru, In-store or even online.  To ensure our customers have a great ordering experience we want to serve up the most relevant product recommendations to help our customers find the food they crave most.  Today, personalization is…
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shopify web developer

The Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Shopify Web Developer

Looking to Hire a Shopify Web Developer? You are taking the first step to building the eCommerce store of your dreams. There is a lot of merit with DIY. It helps to build your professional knowledge and expertise base. It allows you to add your own creative spin to your site. Most importantly for a…
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CONNECT The Mobile CX Summit 2018

Last week I had the honor of representing Taco Bell at the CONNECT The Mobile CX Summit 2018 in Chicago.  I was asked to speak about Designing the Best Mobile Ordering Experience and what that means for the QSR industry.  It was a pleasure sharing the stage with Melissa Douros (Great Wolf Resorts), Taylor Webster (Lowe’s)…
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understanding ecommerce terms

Understanding eCommerce Terms

If you are new to eCommerce it is important to have some familiarity with understanding eCommerce terms.  Here are some of the common eCommerce terms you should know: Platform & System Terms CDN: Content Delivery Network are localized servers that allow businesses to serve up content closer to the end user.  Traditionally if you are…
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how b2b business can switch to b2c ecommerce

How B2B Business Can Switch to B2C eCommerce

Are you a B2B business that is thinking of selling direct to consumers? As retailers gain more customers they inevitably demand lower costs from their suppliers to increase their own margins.  Unfortunately the internet has made it more difficult to maintain a B2B business because consumers are now clicks away from ordering any product.  Luckily,…
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understanding local seo

Understanding Local SEO

SEO has been around for many years now and most business owners understand they should care about SEO.  However, a more recent trend is the term “Local SEO”, so how does Local SEO differ from traditional SEO?  Understanding Local SEO starts with knowing the basic theory of traditional SEO. For more seo services and guidance…
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google seller review vs product review

Google Seller Review vs. Product Review

Almost every eCommerce professional who sells consumer products values SEO as well as Google Shopping.  However, many online sellers are missing two very powerful tools that can improve both SEO as well as Google Shopping performance.  Google can pull Seller Reviews as well as Product Reviews by leveraging third party services that sync up to Google…
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google mobile friendly update

Are you ready for Google Mobile-Friendly Update?

There are already a ton of posts out there talking about the new Google Mobile-Friendly update which is going live on April 21, 2015.  If you want to read full details on this update you can check it out on the official Google Webmaster Blog.  What I want to discuss in this post is what…
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Amazon Will Shut Down Amazon Webstore

I just got back from IRCE Focus in Los Angeles and sources confirm that Amazon will shut down Amazon Webstores in 2016.  Although this will not impact Amazon at all in regards to their marketplace, it signifies that Amazon finally gave up in competing with eCommerce platform players such as Shopify and Magento.  Although Amazon…
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