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How To Choose The Right ECommerce Platform

How to choose the right eCommerce platform for your business

Looking to setup your first eCommerce site or upgrade your existing eCommerce site?  With over 9 years of eCommerce experience, Derrick Chan has helped many clients to choose the right eCommerce platform to fit their business needs.  Try out our free eCommerce Platform Selector and answer the following questions.  Derrick will send you clear recommendations on which eCommerce platform(s) meet your needs.  Get your free assessment today!

Derrick Chan

Derrick Chan
eCommerce Consultant

Who is Derrick Chan?

Derrick started his career as an Online Marketing Manager for a small eCommerce company that bought and sold used cell phones.  For the past 9 years Derrick has covered the full spectrum of eCommerce positions, ranging from Sr. eCommerce Project Manager to Director of eCommerce for multiple companies.

Derrick has developed an expertise in B2C and B2B eCommerce, especially for sellers that have a presence on multiple sales channels (e.g. web, ebay, amazon, wholesale, retail, etc.) He is currently helping Taco Bell to pioneer eCommerce for the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) industry.  Derrick started ECOMsultant as a way to help other businesses outside of his day job to achieve their online sales goals.  Lear More >>