Is ebay still relevant?

Are you an individual looking to earn more money selling online as a side business, or are you an established business owner that is looking to expand your sales to selling online?  Imagine being able to grow your sales online with minimal investment, tapping into ebay's $89 billion market.  Although ebay isn't as large as Amazon it is still a significant online market that is well worth selling on, especially for certain industries.

Derrick's Experience

With over a decade of eCommerce experience, Derrick specializes in working with both Multi-Channel & Omni-channel online businesses for both B2C and B2B.

  • 10+ years of ebay seller experience
  • Managed 8 different ebay Top Seller stores (Top 0.1% of ebay sellers)
  • Grew a clients ebay sales from $4 million to over $10 million in 1 year
  • Intimate understanding of ebay requirements, algorithm and tricks
  • Tons of experience with 3rd party ebay tools
ebay consulting

Previous Projects


"It has been a genuine pleasure working with Derrick for nearly two years while I was an Account Manager. Derrick has a very strong sense of commerce and sales. He understands the needs of his business and formulates concrete strategies in order to achieve company objectives. As a business consultant I found that Derrick is receptive to new ideas, thinks outside the box and experiments with different methods in order to gain maximum profitability and meet the needs of his customers. Customer service and 100% satisfaction are always a key component in overall objectives. Derrick is a significant asset to Clover Wireless and the eCommerce community."

"Derrick is a valuable asset to any team. He is bright and has demonstrated a strong ability develop processes to simplify complex systems. Derrick was able to build Clover's multichannel eCommerce business from the ground up, and was able to recruit and effectively manage customer care, merchandising, and marketing teams. He is a thoughtful manager and patient teacher. Derrick has been a pleasure to work with and I hope our paths cross again in the future!"