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ONWARD award

ONWARD 2018 Taco Bell Brand Award

It was an honor accepting the Brand of the Year award at ONWARD 2018 on behalf of Taco Bell.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with YEXT to optimize Taco Bell’s local search results.  I’ve been able to work on SEO for the past 10 years and local SEO has been a strong focus…
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understanding local seo

Understanding Local SEO

SEO has been around for many years now and most business owners understand they should care about SEO.  However, a more recent trend is the term “Local SEO”, so how does Local SEO differ from traditional SEO?  Understanding Local SEO starts with knowing the basic theory of traditional SEO. For more seo services and guidance…
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google seller review vs product review

Google Seller Review vs. Product Review

Almost every eCommerce professional who sells consumer products values SEO as well as Google Shopping.  However, many online sellers are missing two very powerful tools that can improve both SEO as well as Google Shopping performance.  Google can pull Seller Reviews as well as Product Reviews by leveraging third party services that sync up to Google…
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google mobile friendly update

Are you ready for Google Mobile-Friendly Update?

There are already a ton of posts out there talking about the new Google Mobile-Friendly update which is going live on April 21, 2015.  If you want to read full details on this update you can check it out on the official Google Webmaster Blog.  What I want to discuss in this post is what…
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Reporting Trademark Violation

If you are a manufacturer or brand owner selling your products online, you will inevitably have to deal with reporting trademark violation from other sellers on various online sales channels.  Here are some helpful links to help you report trademark violators on the top three online sales channels: Google Amazon eBay On…
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eCommerce Tracking code for BigCommerce

If you are using Bigcommerce and you’ve experienced issues with your Google Analytics conversion tracking, your not alone. This is a known issue, for a long time now, which Bigcommerce sellers have faced. Below is a tracking code script that works better than the default Google Analytics script. It still isn’t 100% accurate, but it…
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internet marketing

Basic online marketing for eCommerce websites

Interested in learning basic online marketing for eCommerce websites?  Once you have your new eCommerce website and the team to manage your online business, you have to drive traffic to your store.  The top five basic online marketing methods every eCommerce company should focus on, at least initially, are: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine…
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ebay training

How to use eBay as a marketing tool

A lot of businesses wonder whether or not they should grow their eCommerce sales by selling on eBay.  Today, eBay has over 100 million shoppers which is a huge eCommerce market that should not be overlooked.  I believe that almost every company that sells consumer facing products can benefit from selling on eBay.  Now this…
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