Google Seller Review vs. Product Review

google seller review vs product review

Almost every eCommerce professional who sells consumer products values SEO as well as Google Shopping.  However, many online sellers are missing two very powerful tools that can improve both SEO as well as Google Shopping performance.  Google can pull Seller Reviews as well as Product Reviews by leveraging third party services that sync up to Google Review Extensions.  Here are two helpful links to learn more about both of these tools:

Google Seller Rating

Google Product Rating

So what is the difference between the two?  If you are visual, then this screen shot should help illustrate the difference when viewing a product within Google Shopping:

google seller review vs product review

But what does this mean to an eCommerce professional?  Product Reviews help with SEO as well as on-site conversion (assuming you have good reviews) whereas Seller Reviews help in credibility and differentiating yourself from your competitors.  Seller Reviews also help with local SEO, which matters if you have retail establishments.


I highly recommend reading through both of the above Google support articles, but two very important sections that you need to check out are the Approved third party Product Review aggregators and approved independent review website for Seller Reviews.  For the Product Review aggregators it is easy to find on the Google support page:

Approved third party product review aggregators

Many advertisers use a third party service for collecting reviews and syndicating them to sites like Google. We currently use product ratings and reviews information from the following approved aggregator sources:

For the independent review websites list it is harder to find because you have to expand two different sections:

  • We base seller ratings on a number of source, including.
    • We feature reviews via feeds from these independent review websites:

Approved independent review websites:

I hope you’ve found this helpful, if you have any questions feel free to post a comment below.

Derrick Chan

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