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For those of you who sell on eBay probably already know about Terapeak, the marketplace analytics tool which pulls data directly from the eBay API.  Terapeak is a powerful analytics tool for eBay to those who know how to properly use it.  A while back Terapeak introduced a new product, Terapeak for Amazon.  This generated a ton of hype because everyone who sells on Amazon wants marketplace analytics.  However, Terapeak let us all down with their initial attempt at an Amazon analytics tool because all of the information they were giving wasn’t much more than what you could see for yourself when you did a search on Amazon.com.

Recently Terapeak released an update for Terapeak Amazon and again the hype began to rise once again.  Now I’ve used Terapeak recently so I wanted to give my insight into the new Terapeak for Amazon features and user interface.


From a design standpoint they basically hit the nail on the head, the layout is super user friendly and easy to navigate.  However, from a data standpoint I was hugely let down once again because it still doesn’t offer nearly the clarity and Key Performance Indicators that are useful on the Terapeak for eBay platform.  On eBay you can not only see what price everyone is selling a product at, you can see how large the market is, who the top competitors are and where you stand against those top competitors.


On the Amazon version all you really get to see is what others are selling the item for.  You cannot gain any insight into which sellers are actually making sales or how much total sales there are for any given product for any given time frame.  Basically it seems like Terapeak took the original data which basically looks like it was scrapped off Amazon.com’s front-end then they displayed the data in a pretty UI expecting everyone to love what they have built.


Don’t get me wrong, I still love Terapeak for eBay, I just haven’t found the Amazon analytics tool on Terapeak to be more helpful than looking at Amazon.com directly.   I really do hope that Terapeak can access Amazon’s API and pull the same type of transaction data that eBay offers so as sellers we can actually analyze the Amazon market like we do for eBay.

Derrick Chan

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