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If you are serious about selling on eBay as a business you have to use a professional looking eBay listing template.  One of the best features of selling on eBay, instead of another marketplace, is that eBay offers sellers the ability to control their product descriptions by providing custom HTML templates.  This is a huge bonus for sellers that know how to take advantage of this fact because most of the marketplaces only allow text descriptions.  Here is an example of a default eBay listing description that does not utilize custom HTML.

eBay default descriptionThe red area is where the eBay description goes.  Now look at a few examples of customized HTML description (listing template):

toolsmithdirect ebay listing template

wesellcellular ebay listing template

fovitec eBay listing template

It makes a huge difference in how your product, brand and company come across when you make your products look professional.  One thing you do have to keep in mind is your template needs to be designed based on the type of product you well.  Higher end items and more technical items tend to need more information (descriptions, images, specifications, etc.) whereas cheaper items and less technical items can just be simple and clean.

Derrick Chan

Derrick Chan

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