Taco Bell

Project goal

I was recruited by Taco Bell to help them transform its eCommerce presences from an MVP solution to an enterprise level Omni-channel experience. When I first joined the company the site was heavily focused on branding and being uniquely “taco bell” but it wasn’t optimized for eCommerce performance and online conversion. It was also built on a platform that was struggling to scale with the business both from a performance and functionality perspective.


I helped lead a team of professionals at Taco Bell, in partnership with a 3rd party implementation partner, to replatform Taco Bell onto an enterprise level eCommerce system. This project included redesigning and completely rebuilding both Taco Bell’s website and mobile app (iOS & Android). This project also required us to completely rebuild the POS integration which needed to support real time orders to almost 7,000 restaurants.

Derrick Chan