Sorbus Beauty

sorbus beauty ecomsultant shopify portfolio

Project goal

Sorbus Beauty sells a high quality makeup organizer that is modular, beautiful and affordable. They had an existing Shopify site but their site was not optimized for Mobile and their overall site design needed work. They asked me to review their site and provide UX design recommendations on how to improve their site usability.


I worked with Sorbus to redesign their site using a new customized theme to make the site mobile friendly and to adjust the site layout to optimize for conversion.

This included redesigning their Product List Page (PLP) to show products right away, instead of showing nothing but a category banner that added little to no value.

This also included redesigning their Product Detail Page (PDP) to clearly show the Add-To-Cart above the fold and removing the left navigation to de-clutter the PDP.

Derrick Chan