Medelita had an existing Magento site that they needed to fix.  Their site had performance and security issues and it wasn’t properly integrated with their inventory management system.  Medelita has a complex inventory system because all of their products are custom made to order, so when a customer adds a custom lab coat or scrub to their cart, from an inventory perspective Medelita is pulling all of the individual fabric components that are required to make that item.  I worked on Metelita when I was Director of eCommerce at Golden Communications.


We did a full Magento code audit and identified areas of opportunity in re-configuring their code and modifying the way their catalog was setup.  We also implemented caching and indexing techniques to improve their performance.  Additional security measures were put in place and we helped Medelita to integrate their Magento store to their inventory system.  Once we fixed their site we helped manage and oversee their site while I was at Golden Communications.

Derrick Chan