Fine Linens


Originally built on ASPdotNet Storefront, is a high end home decor retailer that sells linens, sheets, towels and furniture.  I worked on this site when I was employed at GoldenComm years ago.  I helped this site with eCommerce strategy, online marketing support and eventually the client wanted to upgrade the site onto a more power eCommerce platform.


After leaving GoldenComm, Dave reached out to me and asked for advice on which platform her should pick.  I convinced him to switch to Magento, mainly because his catalog and business needed were a good fit for the platform.  GoldenComm helped with the build, by the time I already left the agency.  Some of the key features of this website are:

  • Custom monogram feature
  • Rewards program
  • RMA functionality
  • Ability to split shipments for drop ship orders
  • Cart recovery emails
  • Integration with Bronto for Marketing Automation
  • Advanced auto suggestive search
Derrick Chan