Three Day Tool

three day tool


Three Day Tool is a supplier of Riveting tools for the trucking industry.  Most of their sales were done over the phone but they wanted to invest into an eCommerce site to streamline their business and accept orders 24/7.


Thee Day Tool was a Magento 2.0 project that I originally started back when I was working at Golden Communications.  Three Day Tool hired me as a consultant after I left Golden Communications to help them optimize their site and to provide eCommerce strategy to help them grow their online sales.  Since we started working together I’ve helped them to increase their online sales by 41%, grew their conversion rate by over 28% and increased their average order value by 9.24%.  Here are some of the key enhancements made to their site:

  • Redesigned home page to increase conversion
  • Optimized product search capabilities
  • Redesigned product detail page
  • Optimized product data to improve SEO and search results
  • Improved up-sell, cross-sell and promotion of parts
Derrick Chan