eBay on Location (Denver)

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Attending eBay on Location in Denver Colorado was a great experience both as a professional and as a personal eBay seller.  One things that eBay does a great job of is recognizing that sellers are the backbone of eBay and therefore establishes a great culture where sellers feel like they are a part of eBay, even though they do not work for eBay.  One of the areas that I was impressed with eBay was in how much effort they put in gathering as much feedback as they could from their sellers in almost every way possible.  Now whether they take action on there suggestions or not is another issue, but the fact that they went out of their way to collect feedback from sellers during sessions, between sessions and even during hosted parties… I was just impressed.

eBay on location, Denver

Overall the conference was a great way to learn about new eBay features as well as third party applications, eBay seller success stories, tips & tricks, going social, and ways eBay is trying to improve the selling and buying experience.  Most of the attendees were individual sellers, so if you are an individual seller this conference is really geared towards you.  For myself I had to network a lot to figure out which were the key players within eBay that I had to get to know to get our issues addressed because my company sells in such high volume on eBay, which 99% of the other sellers cannot relate to the issues we face.  It was like searching for a needle in a hay stack, but I was able to network with the right people.

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Before attending I already knew eBay on Location was geared more towards individual sellers and not so much business that sell a lot on eBay.  However, I was surprised at the fact that eBay spent 99.99% of the eBay on Location conference only targeting individual sellers and not much time if any attending to small/medium sized businesses.  Luckily I was invited to an exclusive breakfast with eBay’s top executives: John Donahoe (CEO), Devin Wenig (President, eBay Gloval Marketplaces), and Christopher Payne (SVP, North America) which was specifically for the top eBay sellers who sell million a years on eBay.  During that breakfast/meeting we were able to go over a lot of the unusual issues that larger businesses have to deal with in selling on eBay.  It was clear that eBay themselves had their eyes opened during that meeting as to how much business we (large companies) drive to them and how much growth potential they have in working with the 1% of their sellers that are made up of large portion of their annual marketplace revenue.  I am eager to see how eBay will start to tailor their operations to the needs of their top selling business accounts… only time will tell.

Derrick Chan