Dimensional Weight Shipping

dimensional weight shipping formula

In 2015, both FedEx and UPS switched over to dimensional weight shipping.  This is a huge issue for almost everyone in the eCommerce industry because no longer is it enough to just know your product weight.

What is dimensional weight shipping?

Dimensional weight shipping is pretty straight forward, but it takes some work when trying to implement onto hundred or thousands of products, especially if your company doesn’t already track the package size for every item sold online.  Calculating dimensional weight is easy:

dimensional weight shipping formula

Once you know your dimensional weight (DIM weight) you have to compare it against your actual weight.  Shipping carriers will use the larger of the two numbers to calculate your shipping costs.

Dimensional Weight Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

Here is a free, easy to use Excel spreadsheet that helps you calculate your dimensional weight for shipping with FedEx or UPS.

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If you have any questions about dimensional weight shipping or if you need help with eCommerce shipping in general, please feel free to reach out to me.

Derrick Chan