Rakuten.com is the third largest online marketplace in the world (Amazon.com being #1 and eBay as #2).  However, Rakuten.com is the largest online marketplace in Japan and since their acquisition of Buy.com they are growing fast in the United States.  A lot of people wondered why Rakuten.com didn’t keep the domain name of Buy.com, but Rakuten is building a world wide brand which combines marketplaces from around the world.  In the world of online marketplaces most sellers tend to compare all marketplaces to either Amazon or eBay, but Rakuten.com is kind of a hybrid between the two.  Like Amazon, Rakuten uses a single product detail page per SKU across all sellers so if multiple sellers are selling the same item, then all sellers share the same product detail page.  However, unlike Amazon if a buyers finds your item via your store, instead of the marketplace, then they will see your unique product detail page.  What this means is Rakuten has created a marketplace with the single product catalog structure of Amazon but while still allowing sellers to keep some custom seller experience like on eBay.