ASPdotNet Storefront

aspdotnetstorefrontWith over 10 years of service, ASPdotNet Storefront is one of the leading eCommerce platforms with over 10,000 clients.  As a .Net based system it offers a wide verity of features while maintaining a solid infrastructure.  The latest version of ASPdotNet Storefront (version 9.2) stupports a multi store platform where customers can purchase a single account license or multiple store accounts.  The robust platform covers the core requirements of any eCommerce system (i.e. Inventory Management, Category Mapping, Easy Checkout, Multiple Payment Gateways, Multiple Shipping Options, Featured Products, Related Products, and much more.

ASPdotNet Expereience

I’ve had over 6 years of experience in working with ASPdotNet Storefront from both the user’s perspective and from a development point of view. As a Senior Project Manager at Golden Communications I’ve had the advantage of working with experienced developers/programs that have been working with ASPDNSF for over 7 years.  At Golden Communications we’ve done over 100 ASPdotNet Storefront projects ranging from out of the box implementations to extremely customized Storefront’s with integrations to various systems.

Previous ASPdotNet Storefront Projects