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Everyone knows Amazon is dominating the eCommerce world within the United States.  However, many individuals and businesses lack the required experience to successfully sell on Amazon.  Selling on Amazon can be very profitable, but it can also be a lot of work and yield little to no returns if not executed well.

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Derrick's Experience

Derrick has been helping clients for over a decade on mastering Amazon's marketplace.  Whether you are an individual just getting started on Seller Central or if you are an established eCommerce company that needs to take Amazon sales to the next level optimizing your listings and FBA, Derrick can help.  One of the biggest challenges in selling on Amazon is intimately understanding Amazon's requirements and ensuring your account remains in good standing with Amazon.  Unlike ebay, if you fail to meet Amazon's standards you can be indeterminately banned from their marketplace with little to no chance of ever getting reinstated.

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