Case Studies

Edelbrock wanted to make the jump from B2B to B2C by selling products directly to their consumers while at the same time driving customers to their B2B distributors.  They asked for help validating if Magento 2 was the right platform for their business and after we confirmed it was the right choice Edelbrock asked for help overseeing their development project.  Golden Communications was the web development firm hired to build the website due to their experience with Automotive eCommerce sites.  Key features of this projects include:

  • Advanced Year/Make/Model/Engine product filtering
  • Site structured and optimized for SEO
  • Integration with ERP & PIM systems
  • Responsive mobile design

Truck Adventures was a replatform project from WordPress onto Shopify.  Previously the site was setup on two different domains, one for content and one for purchasing tickets, which lead to a ton of duplicate content.  Since Truck Adventures is event based, they needed a platform that could easily support a few events or tons of concurrent events in different locations.  This was a complete redesign, development and Shopify setup project.

  • Easy to navigate site with intuitive UI/UX
  • Mobile friendly
  • Ability to easily manage upcoming events
  • Able to handle online and in-person ticket sales
  • Support digital ticket sales with QR codes
  • Required waiver acceptance prior to checkout
  • Integration with Mail Chimp and Google Analytics

Thee Day Tool was a Magento 2.0 project that I originally started back when I was working at Golden Communications.  Three Day Tool hired me as a consultant after I left Golden Communications to help them optimize their site and to provide eCommerce strategy to help them grow their online sales.  Since we started working together I've helped them to increase their online sales by 41%, grew their conversion rate by over 28% and increased their average order value by 9.24%.  Here are some of the key enhancements made to their site:

  • Redesigned home page to increase conversion
  • Optimized product search capabilities
  • Redesigned product detail page
  • Optimized product data to improve SEO and search results
  • Improved up-sell, cross-sell and promotion of parts

This was a Shopify project which helped Orange County Royalty builds its online presence and accept online bookings.  Prior to this project, Orange County Royalty only accepted payment in person or via PayPal invoices, now customers can shop online, book a character and pay online via credit card, PayPal and even Apple Pay.

  • Easy to use eCommerce platform
  • Site fully optimized for SEO with local pages
  • Full training client to manage site 100% on her own

Apria Direct

Apria Direct was a Magento Enterprise project that I worked on while employed at Golden Communications.  We basically fully built out a Magento site, then we integrated Magento to their medical equipment fulfillment warehouse to automate the order fulfillment process.  We also integrated Magento with their ERP system to track customer status while staying HIPAA compliant.

  • Warehouse fulfillment integration
  • ERP integration for customer qualification status
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Payment processing through insurance policy integration

This is a highly customized Magento Enterprise Edition website that I worked on while employed at Golden Communications.  I closed the deal, provided eCommerce strategy and oversaw the project.  Stillen sells 50,000+ products for over 18,000+ different Year, Make, Model combinations.  Some of the key custom features include:

  • An easy to use Year/Make/Model filter
  • Related, Cross-sell and Upsell products filtered by Year/Make/Model
  • Highly custom shipping logic
  • Mobile friendly interface
  • Up-sell emails based on previous purchase history
  • Cart recovery emails

Originally built on ASPdotNet Storefront, is a high end home decor retailer that sells linens, sheets, towels and furniture.  I worked on this site when I was employed at GoldenComm.  Some of the key features of this website are:

  • Custom monogram feature
  • Rewards program
  • RMA functionality
  • Ability to split shipments for drop ship orders
  • Cart recovery emails
  • Integration with Bronto for Marketing Automation
  • Advanced auto suggestive search via Nextopia

(Update) Fine Linens was rebuilt on Magento, I helped convince the owner to switch to Magento but the actual build happened after I left GoldenComm.

Everyone knows Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley as the face of Total Gym.  This was a highly customized ASPdotNet Storefront which was built to offer customers not only a site that they could purchase from, but rather an online community where they could learn about the product and watch instructional videos as well as schedule training courses.  I was the Project Manager that oversaw this site when I was employed at GoldenComm.  Here are some of the core features of this site:

  • Multiple product detail templates with custom attributes
  • CMS for products, events and videos
  • Custom built event calendar and ticket system
  • Facility and trainer locator functionality
  • International distributor directory
  • Custom lead generation forms with downloadable content
  • Customized shipping logic
  • Fully integrated social hub